Follow your prehabilitation program anywhere you want

Remote monitoring and exercise prescription with limited face-to-face consultations

How does it work?

Most prehabilitation programs include a combination of physical activity counselling, supervised exercise training, nutritional optimization and psychological support.

Physical activity

Regular physical activity is crucial for patients’ recovery after surgery. With Surgifit, you can keep track of your planned activities during prehabilitation and monitor your progress. Physical activities to conduct during prehabilitation include but are not limited to brisk walks, household chores, climbing stairs, etc. In addition, an exercise-based program supervised at the hospital or local fitness club can be prescribed in selected cases.

Nutritional optimization

Based on the type of surgery and your nutritional profile, you will have access to an individualized plan supervised by a registered nutritionist or receive generic tips on healthy eating before surgery. Thanks to Surgifit, you will be able to monitor your progress and keep track of your nutritional goals during prehabilitation.

Psychological support

Surgery is a stressful event. Psychological support in the form of relaxation techniques and cognitive-behavioural therapy is important to keep you grounded and focused on your goals during prehabilitation. Surgifit will help you cope with your feelings regarding surgery by allowing you to perform mindfulness exercises at the comfortability of your home and at your own pace.

Benefits For Patients

Less Postoperative complications

Prehabilitation has shown to reduce postoperative medical complications after major surgery

Reduction in Hospital Stay

The reduction in postoperative complications leads to a decreased hospital stay

Faster Recovery

Improved physical performance before surgery leads to a faster recovery in the early postoperative period

A digitally-supported prehabilitation program providing individualized care and value-based healthcare

Surgifit is a smart Communication & Collaboration Platform connecting patients with healthcare teams

Patients’ empowerment

  • Multimedia educational and training materials
  • Gamification to increase adherence


  • Monitor your goals and follow your progress during your preparation for surgery
  • Remote supervision by your healthcare team
  • Remote connection with your healthcare team

Communication channel

  • Management of unexpected health events
  • Contact with your healthcare provider or case manager

Navigate through the app and discover all the features

Physical activity

Follow your physical activity goals by counting steps per day either manually or using a fitness tracker. You can also keep track of your exercise training routine and monitor progress

Answer questionnaires

Tell your healthcare team how you are feeling. You will have the option to complete health-related questionnaires as well as review your answers and track your changes throughout the journey.


Complete mindfulness-based exercises guided by an expert in the field on a daily basis to help you cope with your feelings regarding surgery. You can focus on one exercise per day or access all exercises if you want to do more at a time.

Physical activity and nutritional tips

Each day a different piece of advice from the clinicians will be displayed. You’ll also be able to view all of the advice if you want more information.

We help you to optimize your health before upcoming surgeries

The Adaptive Case Management platform of Surgifit empowers both professionals and patients. Patients can follow their prehabilitation plan with the Surgifit app from their home, local gyms or in combination with out-patient hospital-based training.

Low-risk patients
Moderate-risk patients
High-risk patients
Promotion of physical activity
Supervised-Exercise TrainingExercise recommendations and tipsCommunity-based or home-basedHospital
Nutritional optimizationNutritional advice and general tipsTargetedIndividual
Psychological supportMindfulness exercises and general tipsMindfulness
exercises and group-based sessions
Individual or targeted

Specialist: High-risk patients for moderate or high-risk surgeries

Community: Moderate-risk patients candidates for high-risk surgeries

Universal: Low-risk patients candidates
for low-risk surgeries


High-risk patients for moderate or high-risk surgeries

Promotion of physical activity
Supervised-Exercise Training. Hospital
Nutritional optimization. Individual
Psychological support. Individual or targeted

Moderate-risk patients candidates for high-risk surgeries

Promotion of physical activity
Supervised-Exercise Training. Community-based or home-based
Nutritional optimization. Targeted
Psychological support. Mindfulness
exercises and group-based sessions

Low-risk patients candidates for low-risk surgeries

Promotion of physical activity
Supervised-Exercise Training. Exercise recommendations and tips
Nutritional optimization. Nutritional advice and general tips
Psychological support. Mindfulness exercises and general tips