Prehabilitation of high-risk candidates for major surgical procedures

  • Self patient empowerment and self management.
  • Multimedia 24/7 communications channel

A multidisciplinary team focused in the patient along all surgery path

The multidisciplinary team should be shaped according to the level of patients’ complexity

Patient Workflow


Primary Objectives

  • Functional (aerobic capacity)
  • Nutritional (albumin), Hb optimization
  • Smoking/Alcohol cessation
  • Medical Optimization
  • Emotional Support

Secondary Objectives

  • To keep patients informed
  • Support/accompany
  • Problem resolution
  • Adoption of healthy lifesyles
  • Perioperative care consolidation

Benefits for Professionals

Enhanced Outcomes

Surgifit prehabilitation is designed to achieve early recovery and less postoperative complications for patients undergoing major surgery. This may reduce the hospital stay.

Lean Approach

Surgifit is based on continuous improvement to achieve perfect value with zero waste.

It systematically seeks to achieve small, incremental changes in order to improve efficiency and service quality.

Cost Savings

Surgifit prehabilitation may add cost to healthcare, but this should be offset by reduced complications and shorter hospital stay.

A common goal and a multidisciplinary team to control the entire process

Backend for health professionals & Workflow engine for case management

Realtime chats

Multimedia Conversations

Customizable content

Questionnaires for clinicians and PROMs/PREMs, push notifications, educational tips

Workflow & processes management

Customizable processes that combine tasks for clinicians and patients and face-to-face/virtual appointments

Calendar of tasks
Calendar of appointments

Prescription of
non-pharmacological interventions

Daily Physical activity tracking and tips, nutritional diary tips, mindfulness exercises and customized questionnaires for PROMs/PREMs

Training for professionals

You can take courses and learn how to be part of Surgifit.

Are you a professional?

We can help you to implement Surgifit in your work environment.